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Monday, March 23, 2009

M.I.N.I. Invited to CMMC April Drive!

The Chicago MINI Motoring Club has invited M.I.N.I. to take part in their April 5th, 2009 drive to the Great Lakes Dragway!

CMMC has teamed with the MilwaukeeMinis club to offer a drive through sourthern Wisconsin.  You can find details on the drive on the CMMC website with links to maps and other details!

Where: Start at Silver Lake County beach 
(Enter the park from Silver Lake road, and bear left towards the beach.  Continue left towards the lake and meet in the large parking lot)

             Finish at Great Lakes Dragaway

When: Sunday April 5th, departure at 10:00 am

What: A fun drive of about 50 miles, and a driving quiz for sharp eyed navagators (and pilots), ending with a stop-in at Great Lakes Dragaway to watch a bit of opening season racing.

What to bring: Your MINI or Mini with at least a 1/2 tank of gas, a camera, your favorite Chicago or Milwaukee MINI gear, optional FRS radio tuned to Channel 1, Subchannel 1, a clipboard and pens for the driving quiz,  earplugs for watching the Drag Racing, and a smile!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

BCU Meeting 3/18/09

The British Car Union met yesterday for the monthly festival meeting. Minutes from the meeting are published online. Please click here.

There are two main highlights to report.

1. The BCU is looking for a location to store a 4 ft x 8 ft enclosed trailer. The trailer is to store and transport festival items instead of a storage facility to save on costs. It will only be accessed once a year in September for the festival. If you are able to help the BCU please contact the BCU reps.

2. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Mini, the British Car Union has asked the M.I.N.I. club to assist in picking out the t-shirt color for this year's festival in September!

The color options available are here.

Please select your top 3 color choices and email them to minisinnorthernil@gmail.com by April 10th. We will be putting the top 3 choices to a final vote at the next meeting on April 11th. If you cannot be at the meeting we will post the top 3 choices on the website (www.minisinil.com) and you can email your vote to minisinnorthernil@gmail.com by April 14th. We will submit our final choice to the British Car Union board for consideration on April 15th. If there is a tie in the voting we will submit both choices to the board.

Your BCU Reps,
Brian + Steph Quirk
(e-mail us with any questions!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update for Winter Picnic

Chicago Mini Motoring Club (CMMC) is holding it’s Spring Drive March 15th.  If that date seems familiar, it’s the same date as our Winter Picnic.  Your club is joining forces with CMMC that day as follows:
They are inviting us to join them for their drive near Elgin the morning of the March 15th. 
We are inviting them to join us at our Winter Picnic after their Spring Drive.
So, members of both clubs can sign up for either or both.
Here’s the link to the CMMC’s Spring Drive.  All are welcome.